Who Are We?

In yesterday’s Production Design class we evaluated our lives with the help of the wheel of life. It shows eight different categories of ourselves to rate with a number from zero to ten, depending on how much a certain aspect is present in our lives – or how happy we are with it.


The eight categories are Health, Career, Fun & Recreation, Physical Environment, Personal Growth, Money, Romance and Friends & Family. It’s quite interesting to see where your own life is at at one moment in time.

I am probably the healthiest eater i know, i don’t eat meat but a lot of vegetables and salads. Don’t get me wrong i eat A LOT. What i eat actually benefits me though, which is something i try to be very aware of since the rest of my student life is the absolute opposite of healthy. Balance is very important, but even with all the balancing i do, i still only rated my Health as a 5-6.
I don’t really have a career, instead i study which sort of prepares me to have one in the future. And i am enjoying this preparation quite a lot and i feel like i am on the right path, therefore my career level is at a 7.
Fun & Recreation takes up a lot of my time, probably more than any of the other categories. To me it’s not any less important than my career/studies, because i believe life is there to be enjoyed. Of course, fun & studies doesn’t exclude each other, but again, lately i have been very good at balancing the two. 8-9.
My physical environment. Puh, that’s a difficult one. I live in Observatory, which my friends and I lovingly call “The nicest Ghetto”. It has its ups and downs, but i embrace it. I live in a house with a lot of other students which can get a little hectic at times, but i do enjoy the company and – occasionally – the distraction. It’s a 5-6.
Personal Growth has a special place in my heart. I am very conscious of how my environment, the people around me and I, myself, affect me. I spend a lot of time on self-evaluation and trying to better myself. I can be hard and impatient with myself at times, but after all difficulties are teaching us a lot. So i like it like that. That category is a definite 9!
When it comes to money i wasn’t really sure where to put my rating, since most of my savings were spent on a part of the tuition fees for school and nessecary stuff like that and since i have been here i haven’t been working. My daily life (except festivals, which i will ALWAYS have savings for, i’ll make sure of that) is financed by mom and dad. I therefore don’t really have money, but at the same time, i have all the money i need. Even though i budget rather smartly, if i were to run out of finance, my parents would have my back. I gave it a 7-8.
Romance was a fun one. Noone in my class seems to have any romance in their lives and neither do i, i realized. Then again, i feel like a lot of my South African friends don’t really seem to bother with romance at this stage in their lives, which is a little sad, to be real. Oh well. I still gave it a 2, cause friends can make up for it at times.
And finally Friends & Family. Since my family is not present in my everyday life, i can only really count my friends. When i’m not in school or by myself somewhere, i am with my friends. It’s just like fun & recreation, it is one of the most important things on this wheel. If it weren’t for the people i connect with and that remind me of who i am, i believe i would fall into a deep depression that would not be easy to climb out of. So that’s a 7.

Looking over this wheel made me realize once again that i am actually pretty happy with where i am at in my life right now. Sure it is not perfect, but it makes smiling through the difficulties so much easier when you appreciate what you have 🙂


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